EVS-EN IEC 62714-4:2020

Engineering data exchange format for use in industrial automation systems engineering - Automation Markup Language - Part 4: Logic

General information
Valid from 17.08.2020
Base Documents
IEC 62714-4:2020; EN IEC 62714-4:2020
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IEC 62714-4:2020 specifies the integration of logic information as part of an AML model for the data exchange in a heterogenous engineering tool landscape of production systems. This document specifies three types of logic information: sequencing, behaviour, and interlocking information. This document deals with the six following sequencing and behaviour logic models (covering the different phases of the engineering process of production systems) and how they are integrated in AML: Gantt chart, activity-on-node network, timing diagram, Sequential Function Chart (SFC), Function Block Diagram (FBD), and mathematical expression. This document specifies how to model Gantt chart, activity-on-node network, and timing diagram and how they are stored in Intermediate Modelling Layer (IML). This document specifies how interlocking information is modelled (as interlocking source and target groups) in AML. The interlocking logic model is stored in Function Block Diagram (FBD). This document specifies the AML logic XML schema that stores the logic models by using IEC 61131-10. This document specifies how to reference PLC programs stored in PLCopen XML documents. This document does not define details of the data exchange procedure or implementation requirements for the import/export tools.
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