EVS-EN ISO 10535:1999

Hoists for the transfer of disabled persons - Requirements and test methods

General information
Withdrawn from 06.02.2007
Base Documents
ISO 10535:1998; EN ISO 10535:1998
Directives or regulations
Standard history
This European standard specifies requirements and test methods only for hoists and body support units intended for the transfer of disabled persons as classified in EN ISO 9999:1998 : 12 36 03 Wheeled hoists with sling seats 12 36 06 Wheeled hoists with solid seats 12 36 09 Hoist trolleys 12 36 12 Stationary hoists fixed to the wall/walls, floor and/or ceiling 12 36 15 Stationary hoists fixed to, mounted in or on another product 12 36 18 Stationary free standing hoists 12 36 21 Body-support units for hoists This standard does not apply to devices that transport persons between two levels (floors) of a building. This standard does not include methods for determination of ageing or corrosion of such hoists units. The requirements of this standard are formulated with regard to the needs of both the disabled persons being hoisted and the attendant using the hoist.
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