IEC 60747-5-13:2021

Semiconductor devices - Part 5-13: Optoelectronic devices - Hydrogen sulphide corrosion test for LED packages

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Valid from 15.06.2021
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IEC 60747-5-13:2021 provides the accelerated test method to assess effects of the tarnishing of silver and silver alloys used for LED packages due to hydrogen sulphide. Particularly, this test method is intended to give information on silver and silver alloy tarnishing effects to the luminous/radiant flux maintenance of LED packages. Additionally, this test method can give information on electric performances of LED packages due to corrosion of silver and silver alloys. The object of this test is to determine the influence of atmospheres containing hydrogen sulphide on parts of LED packages made of: silver or silver alloy; silver or silver alloy protected with another layer; other metals covered with silver or silver alloy. Testing other degradations that are susceptible to affect luminous/radiant flux maintenance and/or electric performance (e.g. degradation of copper or silicone parts) is not the object of this test. This test might not be suitable as a general corrosion test, i.e. it might not predict the behaviour of flux and/or electric characteristics and connections in industrial atmospheres. This document is applicable to LED packages for lighting applications only if referenced by an IEC SC 34A document.
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116.66 € incl tax
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