IEC 60794-1-215:2020

Optical fibre cables – Part 1-215: Generic specification – Basic optical cable test procedures – Environmental test methods – Cable external freezing test, Method F15

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Valid from 26.06.2020
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Standard history
IEC 60794-1-215:2020 defines test procedures to be used in establishing uniform requirements for the environmental performance of - optical fibre cables for use with telecommunication equipment and devices employing similar techniques, and - cables having a combination of both optical fibres and electrical conductors. Throughout this document, the wording "optical cable" can also include optical fibre units, microduct fibre units, etc. This document defines a test standard to determine the ability of a cable to withstand the effects of freezing water that can immediately surround the optical fibre cable sheath by observing any changes in the physical appearance of the sheath, or in the measured cable optical attenuation. Method F15A is a test standard to simulate freezing of the medium surrounding a buried cable, as in wet earth or water. Method F15A is moved from method F15 in IEC 60794-1-22:2017 without any technical changes. Method F15B is a test standard to simulate freezing of the medium surrounding an outside cable in a rigid conduit (duct) which is made of rigid material, for example steel. Method F15B includes the solution to prevent the cable from being crushed when experiencing freezing conditions in a rigid conduit (duct) which are pressure absorber pads and any other suggested means of cable protection. A reference guide to test methods of all types as well as general requirements can be found in IEC 60794-1-2.
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