IEC 61196-4:2022

Coaxial communication cables - Part 4: Sectional specification for radiating cables

General information
Valid from 20.09.2022
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Standard history

IEC 61196-4:2015
IEC 61196-4:2022 applies to radiating coaxial communication cables, and specifies the terms and definitions, material and construction, IEC type designation, standard rating and characteristics, identification, marking and labelling, requirements of finished cables, quality assessment, delivery and storage, etc.
This fourth edition cancels and replaces the third edition published in 2015 This edition includes the following significant technical changes with respect to the previous edition:
a. rewrote "1 Scope" to be consistent with other blank detail specifications of coaxial cables;
b. updated different standards in "Clause 2 Normative references";
c. added the definitions of uniformly radiating type cable, stop frequency band and link loss;
d. added different materials and constructions in 4.2 to 4.5;
e. added "Clause 5 IEC type designation";
f. added a detailed rated temperature range of different materials in "6.2 Rated temperature range";
g. added detailed frequencies in "6.3 Operating frequency range";
h. added "6.4 Stop frequency band" and "6.5 Radiating characteristics";
i. added different detail requirements or typical values in 8.2.4, 8.2.7, 8.2.8, 8.4.3 to 8.4.8;
j. deleted "7.4.4 Ovality of outer conductor";
k. added "8.2.11 Link loss", "8.4.9 Adhesion of dielectric", "8.4.10 Shrinkage for insulations", "8.4.11 Maximum pulling force of cable";
i. used IEC 61196-1-123 and IEC 61196-1-124 in the electrical requirements to replace Annex A and Annex B respectively and deleted Annex A and Annex B;
m. added "Figure A.1 Example of testing coupling loss around circumferential orientation of radiating cable (Y-Z)" in Annex A.
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182.33 € incl tax
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