IEC 62109-3:2020

Safety of power converters for use in photovoltaic power systems - Part 3: Particular requirements for electronic devices in combination with photovoltaic elements

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Valid from 08.07.2020
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IEC 62109-3:2020 covers the particular safety requirements for electronic elements that are mechanically and/or electrically incorporated with photovoltaic (PV) modules or systems.
Mechanically and/or electrically incorporated means that the whole combination of electronic device with the photovoltaic element is sold as one product. Nevertheless, tests provided in this document may also be used to evaluate compatibility of PV modules and electronic devices that are sold separately and are intended to be installed close to each other.
The purpose of the requirements of this document is to provide additional safety-related testing requirements for the following types of integrated electronics, collectively referred to as module integrated equipment (MIE):
a) Type A MIE where the PV element can be evaluated as a PV module according to IEC 61730-1 and IEC 61730‑2 independently from the electronic element;
b) Type B MIE where the PV element cannot be evaluated as a PV module according to IEC 61730-1 and IEC 61730-2 independently from the electronic element.
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