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IEC 62232:2011

Determination of RF field strength and SAR in the vicinity of radiocommunication base stations for the purpose of evaluating human exposure

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Withdrawn from 23.08.2017
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IEC 62232:2011
IEC 62232:2011 addresses the evaluation of RF field strength or specific absorption rate levels in the vicinity of non-broadcast RF radiocommunication sources (i.e. RBS) intentionally radiating in the frequency range 300 MHz to 6 GHz according to the scope (see Clause 1). It does not address the evaluation of current density which exposure guidelines often do not consider to be relevant when evaluating RF fields in the intended RBS operating frequency range. This standard defines how a suitably qualified surveyor shall select between the described evaluation methods in order to prepare specific or generic evaluation plans and how to validate their implementation. When using this standard to establish RBS compliance, the full set of limiting conditions needs to be defined. These may include for example limits on human exposure to RF fields; the likelihood that people may have access to a specific location; specific decision rules for interpretation of uncertainty. This standard does not define such limits or the associated requirements for a safety programme. Further, this standard recognises that national regulators (or the test client) may establish rules (termed "assessment schemes") on how to interpret uncertainty when establishing compliance. However, this standard does provide guidance on how to apply the described evaluation methods consistent with such rules. Additional guidance can be found in Technical Report IEC 62669 [54]) which includes a set of worked case studies giving practical examples of the application of this standard.
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