IEC 62471-6:2022

Photobiological safety of lamps and lamp systems - Part 6: Ultraviolet lamp products

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Valid from 11.10.2022
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Standard history

IEC 62471-6:2022 IEC 62471:2006/CIE S009:2002. IEC 62471 covers light emitting diodes (LEDs), incandescent, low- and high- pressure gas-discharge, arc and other lamps. It also covers lamps which are designed primarily to emit ultraviolet radiant energy, such as ultraviolet sources intended to excite fluorescence of irradiated materials, for insect light traps, for scientific studies, mineral identification, for non-destructive testing, germicidal irradiation, and other purposes.
This part of IEC 62471 provides the optical radiation safety requirements for ultraviolet lamp products, including UV LED lamp products.
This document provides requirements for:
-  optical radiation safety assessment and ultraviolet-product risk groups;
-  user information for safety measures;
-  appropriate labelling of ultraviolet lamp products.
This document addresses those lamps and lamp products where the ultraviolet emission serves the primary purpose of the product and where more than half of the radiant power emitted between 180 nm and 3 000 nm is in the spectral region 180 nm to 400 nm. If more than half of the optical radiation emitted between 180 nm and 3 000 nm is outside of the spectral region 180 nm to 400 nm, then the base standard IEC 62471 should be used. This document covers medical diagnostic and cosmetic devices/products that emit primarily UV radiation.
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