IEC TR 61244-4:2019

Determination of long-term radiation ageing in polymers - Part 4: Effects of different temperatures and dose rates under radiation conditions

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Valid from 25.09.2019
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IEC TR 61244-4:2019(E) provides general guidance for the evaluation/verification of electrical insulation materials (EIM) and electrical insulation systems (EIS) intended to be used in types of equipment exposed to ionizing radiation. Beside sensors, actuators/motors as well as plugs and terminals, cables are a well-known typical application of those EIM and EIS. Their type spectrum covers low voltage power cables, control cables and instrumentation cables. Because of their comparable simple design, cables are the ideal type of equipment to study EIM and EIS degradation processes. But the results of these studies can be easily transferred to the enumerated types of equipment. Nonetheless, this document provides a state-of-the art report on qualification/verification procedures used to simulate simultaneous effects of temperature and radiation at varying intensities rather than give detailed test programmes valid for specific test methods. NOTE 1 Use of this document with specific products can require specification of additional product related procedures. NOTE 2 Some of the procedures described in this document are emerging technologies. Therefore, specified prerequisites, former experiences as well as boundary conditions can be additionally taken into account.
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