IEC TS 62600-202:2022

Marine energy - Wave, tidal and other water current converters - Part 202: Early stage development of tidal energy converters - Best practices and recommended procedures for the testing of pre-prototype scale devices

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Valid from 07.04.2022
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IEC TS 62600-202:2022 specifies the development stages of Tidal Energy Converters up to the pre-prototype scale (Stages 1 to 3). It includes the hydraulic laboratory test programs, where environmental conditions are controlled so they can be scheduled, and the first scaled system open-water trials, where combinations of tidal currents, wind and waves occur naturally and the programs are adjusted and flexible to accommodate these conditions. This document describes the minimum test programs that form the basis of a structured technology development schedule. For each testing campaign, the prerequisites, goals and minimum test plans are specified. This document addresses: a: Planning an experimental program, including a design statement, technical drawings, selection of scale and facility based on physical laws, site data and other inputs; b: Device representation and characterization, including the physical device model, power-take-off components, foundation and mooring arrangements where appropriate; c: Energy resource and environment characterization, concerning either the tank testing facility or the open-water deployment site, depending on the stage of development; d: Specification of explicit test goals, including power conversion performance and device loads.
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370.22 € incl tax
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