IEC TS 63157:2019

Photovoltaic systems - Guidelines for effective quality assurance of power conversion equipment

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Valid from 28.11.2019
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IEC TS 63157:2019 lays out recommendations for best practices for product realization, safety, customer satisfaction, and stakeholders' relationship used in the manufacture of power conversion equipment (PCE). This document captures key requirements customers would like to see completed to ensure high-quality products, specifically, that the products have the documented properties, including properties needed to give customer satisfaction with regard to the warranty. The object of this document is to provide more confidence in the ongoing consistency of performance and reliability of certified power conversion equipment. The requirements of this document are defined with the assumption that the quality management system of the organization has already fulfilled the requirements of ISO 9001 or equivalent quality management system. These guidelines also form the basis for factory audit criteria of such sites by various certifying and auditory bodies. This document covers manufacture of electronic power conversion equipment intended for use in terrestrial PV applications. The term PCE refers to equipment and components for electronic power conversion of electric power into another kind of electric power with respect to voltage, current and frequency. This document applies to PCE in both indoor and outdoor open-air climates as defined in IEC 60721-2-1 and IEC 60721-3-3. Such equipment may include, but is not limited to, DC-to-AC inverters, DC-to-DC converters and battery charge converters.
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248.75 € incl tax
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