IEC TS 63222-1:2021

Power quality management - Part 1: General guidelines

General information
Valid from 15.12.2021
Directives or regulations
Standard history
IEC TS 63222-1:2021(E), which is a Technical Specification, is intended to provide provisions associated to the main use cases regarding recognized engineering practices applicable to power quality management in public electric power supply networks. It summarizes the operation in power quality management and investigates the current standards, for requirement of power quality assessment work, as well as to promote the development of power quality management best practices. The power quality management domain groups use cases and associated power quality requirements common to network management, including customer support network operation, network and extension planning. This document captures possible "common and repeated usage" of power quality management under the format of "use case". Use case implementations are given for information purpose only. This document derives the common requirement as provisions by further standardization activities, in terms of actors interacting with the given system. The interface requirement is considered for later standardization activities. The relationship of the stakeholders in power quality management, such as network operator, network user, etc., are discussed in the document.
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370.22 € incl tax
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