ISO 10896-4:2015

Rough-terrain trucks -- Safety requirements and verification -- Part 4: Additional requirements for variable-reach trucks handling freely suspended loads

General information
Valid from 06.11.2015
Directives or regulations
Standard history
ISO 10896-4:2015 specifies the additional safety requirements and means of verification for rough-terrain variable-reach trucks (hereafter referred to as trucks) fitted with a lifting attachment for handling suspended loads which can swing freely in one or more directions. It is applicable to trucks covered by ISO 10896-1 and ISO 10896-2. ISO 10896-4:2015 does not apply to: the lifting of suspended loads which by design of the load or the lifting attachments does not allow the load to swing freely in any direction; the handling of flexible intermediate bulk containers, as defined in ISO 21898, carried under the forks of the truck; any attachments/means used for lifting personnel; lifting accessories not included as part of the lifting attachment; freight container handling trucks. ISO 10896-4:2015 deals with significant hazards, hazardous situations or hazardous events relevant to trucks handling a freely suspended load, when they are used as intended by the manufacturer. ISO 10896-4:2015 is not applicable to rough-terrain variable-reach trucks fitted with a lifting attachment for handling suspended loads manufactured before the date of its publication.
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67.10 € incl tax
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