ISO 13584-24:2003

Industrial automation systems and integration -- Parts library -- Part 24: Logical resource: Logical model of supplier library

General information
Valid from 21.10.2003
Directives or regulations

Standard history

ISO 13584-24:2003 provides generic EXPRESS resource constructs that support the description of different kinds of information about supplier libraries. It also contains a set of integrated EXPRESS information models for representing supplier libraries for the purpose of exchange. These integrated information models integrate EXPRESS resource constructs from different parts of ISO 13584 and ISO 10303 into a single schema.
Three integrated EXPRESS information models are defined in ISO 13584-24:2003. They permit respectively the exchange of libraries which consist either of definitions of families of parts, representations of families of parts or definitions of new representation categories that may be provided for any family of parts.
These integrated EXPRESS information models contain provisions that permit a supplier library to reference external files. For each integrated EXPRESS information model, ISO 13584-24:2003 specifies which formats are allowed for these external files. Other external file formats are defined in the view exchange protocol series of parts of ISO 13584.
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