ISO 14820-3:2020

Fertilizers and liming materials — Sampling and sample preparation — Part 3: Sampling of static heaps

General information
Valid from 06.11.2020
Directives or regulations
Standard history
This document is applicable to the sampling of mineral fertilizers and liming materials supplied or ready for supply to third parties, as a lot or in smaller lots, where such supply or readiness for supply is subject to legal requirements. This document specifies plans and methods of sampling of a lot of solid fertilizer or liming material, if sampling in motion is not possible, to obtain samples from bulk static heaps in order to ascertain compliance with legal requirements, in particular in relation to the accuracy of compulsory or permitted statutory declarations. The methods specified in this document are not applicable to obtain samples for physical size analysis or for chemical analysis which may be altered by particle granulometric segregation. This document is applicable to single nutrient fertilizers, to uniform complex fertilizers and to milled or granulated fertilizers and liming materials. The methods described in this document are not suitable for sampling other types of fertilizer, for example blended fertilizers. NOTE The term 'fertilizer' is used throughout the body of this document and includes liming materials unless otherwise indicated.
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