ISO 15638-17:2014

Intelligent transport systems -- Framework for cooperative telematics applications for regulated vehicles (TARV) -- Part 17: Consignment and location monitoring

General information
Valid from 07.07.2014
Directives or regulations

Standard history

ISO 15638-17:2014 addresses the provision of consignment and location monitoring and specifies the form and content of such data required to support such systems, and access methods to that data.
ISO 15638-17:2014 provides specifications for common communications and data exchange aspects of the application service consignment and location monitoring that a regulator can elect to require or support as an option, including
a)    high level definition of the service that a service provider has to provide, (The service definition describes common service elements; but does not define the detail of how such an application service is instantiated, not the acceptable value ranges of the data concepts defined),
b)    means to realize the service, and
c)    application data, naming content, and quality that an IVS has to deliver.
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227.29 € incl tax
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