ISO 17989-1:2015

Tractors and machinery for agriculture and forestry -- Sustainability -- Part 1: Principles

General information
Valid from 01.12.2015
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Standard history
ISO 17989-1:2015 provides guidelines to assist designers and manufacturers of tractors and machinery for agriculture and forestry to integrate sustainability principles, practices and considerations into their organizations and processes. This part of ISO 17989 is specifically applicable to equipment used in the production of food, fibres, fuel and lumber for humans and livestock. NOTE This part of ISO 17989 includes three different levels for the application: principles, recommendations and additional information (annexes). ISO 17989-1:2015 is addressed to the organization management and provides guidance for considering sustainability aspects relevant for the organization and the product life cycle. It defines the factory gate as the system boundary (Figure 1). ISO 17989-1:2015 is not applicable to contractual or regulatory purposes or to registration and certification. Except when they are closely related to sustainability, this part of ISO 17989 does not address issues of occupational health and safety or operator safety aspects of a machine's design. Designers can find guidance on these issues in other International Standards.
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