ISO 22458:2022

Consumer vulnerability — Requirements and guidelines for the design and delivery of inclusive service

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Valid from 05.04.2022
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This document specifies requirements and guidelines for organizations on how to design and deliver fair, flexible and inclusive services that will increase positive outcomes for consumers in vulnerable situations and minimize the risk of consumer harm. It covers organizational culture and strategy, inclusive design and how to identify and respond to consumer vulnerability. It is applicable to any organization that provides services, including service-related products, to consumers, regardless of location or size. NOTE 1   The term “services” refers to any service provided to consumers online or offline. Service sectors can include, for example, healthcare, leisure and entertainment, retail, energy, communication, financial services, travel and tourism, digital services, professions and trades. NOTE 2   Service providers can include private or public organizations, charities, government agencies, local authorities of any size. NOTE 3   It can be fair and reasonable, in some cases, for an inclusive service provider to limit access for individuals outside of the organization’s target audience, where the main objective is to protect consumers and prevent harm. For example, preventing children from accessing online gambling sites.
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159.66 € incl tax
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