ISO 22489:2016

Microbeam analysis -- Electron probe microanalysis -- Quantitative point analysis for bulk specimens using wavelength dispersive X-ray spectroscopy

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Valid from 20.10.2016
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ISO 22489:2016 specifies requirements for the quantification of elements in a micrometre-sized volume of a specimen identified through analysis of the X-rays generated by an electron beam using a wavelength dispersive spectrometer (WDS) fitted either to an electron probe microanalyser or to a scanning electron microscope (SEM). ISO 22489:2016 also describes the following: - the principle of the quantitative analysis; - the general coverage of this technique in terms of elements, mass fractions and reference specimens; - the general requirements for the instrument; - the fundamental procedures involved such as specimen preparation, selection of experimental conditions, the measurements, the analysis of these and the report. ISO 22489:2016 is intended for the quantitative analysis of a flat and homogeneous bulk specimen using a normal incidence beam. It does not specify detailed requirements for either the instruments or the data reduction software. Operators should obtain information such as installation conditions, detailed procedures for operation and specification of the instrument from the makers of any products used.
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