ISO 23402-1:2020

Dentistry -- Portable dental equipment for use in non‐permanent healthcare environment -- Part 1: General requirements

General information
Valid from 23.09.2020
Directives or regulations
Standard history
This document specifies general requirements and test methods for portable dental equipment for use in non-permanent healthcare environments. Portable dental equipment within the scope of this document includes portable dental units, portable patient chairs, portable operator's stools, portable operating lights, portable suction source equipment, portable air compressors and other portable dental equipment in instances where these devices are designed and constructed to be transported for use in non-permanent healthcare environments. NOTE Particular requirements for specific types of portable dental equipment for use in non-permanent healthcare environments are specified in subsequent parts of this document. This document does not apply to stationary dental equipment, wearable equipment (such as headlamps and loupes), mobile dental equipment or portable dental equipment that is not intended to be used in non-permanent healthcare environments or not designed to be disassembled, folded or packed for human transport between non-permanent healthcare environments. Also, requirements for stationary dental equipment that can be installed in a dental mobile medical facility (e.g. vehicular or containerized mobile dental clinic) are not considered in this document.
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