ISO 23780-1:2023

Ships and marine technology — Procedure for testing the performance of continuous monitoring TRO sensors used in ships — Part 1: DPD sensors

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Valid from 11.05.2023
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This document provides a method to ensure the performance of continuous monitoring TRO sensors, which can be installed in a BWMS or elsewhere in a ship, taking into consideration environmental factors associated with shipboard conditions, such as high salinity, vibration, variation in humidity and temperature, and predictable sea conditions. This document is intended for use by BWMS manufacturers, sensor manufacturers, testing agencies, and ship owners to verify the performance of a TRO sensor unit.
This document is intended to provide requirements and guidance for TRO sensors that use the N, N-diethyl-1,4-phenylene diamine (DPD) method. These requirements and guidance are applicable to testing of sensor units in a laboratory prior to installation. This document identifies:
—    performance characteristics to be defined by manufacturers of TRO sensors used in the shipboard treatment environment (e.g. salinity range);
—    pre-qualification and performance procedures to document instrument capabilities;
—    performance test procedures to be used in different environmental conditions.
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