ISO/ASTM 51608:2015

Practice for dosimetry in an X-ray (bremsstrahlung) facility for radiation processing at energies between 50 keV and 7.5 MeV

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Valid from 17.03.2015
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ISO/ASTM 51608:2015 outlines the dosimetric procedures to be followed during installation qualification, operational qualification, performance qualification and routine processing at an X-ray (bremsstrahlung) irradiator. Other procedures related to operational qualification, performance qualification and routine processing that may influence absorbed dose in the product are also discussed.
ISO/ASTM 51608:2015 is one of a set of standards that provides recommendations for properly implementing and utilizing dosimetry in radiation processing. It is intended to be read in conjunction with ISO/ASTM Practice 52628, "Practice for Dosimetry in Radiation Processing".
In contrast to monoenergetic gamma radiation, the X-ray energy spectrum extends from low values (about 35 keV) up to the maximum energy of the electrons incident on the X-ray target.
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