ISO/ASTM 52902:2019

Additive manufacturing -- Test artifacts -- Geometric capability assessment of additive manufacturing systems

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Valid from 31.07.2019
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This document covers the general description of benchmarking test piece geometries along with quantitative and qualitative measurements to be taken on the benchmarking test piece(s) to assess the performance of additive manufacturing (AM) systems. This performance assessment can serve the following two purposes: - AM system capability evaluation; - AM system calibration. The benchmarking test piece(s) is (are) primarily used to quantitatively assess the geometric performance of an AM system. This document describes a suite of test geometries, each designed to investigate one or more specific performance metrics and several example configurations of these geometries into test piece(s). It prescribes quantities and qualities of the test geometries to be measured but does not dictate specific measurement methods. Various user applications can require various grades of performance. This document discusses examples of feature configurations, as well as measurement uncertainty requirements, to demonstrate low and high grade examination and performance. This document does not discuss a specific procedure or machine settings for manufacturing a test piece, which are covered by ASTM F 2971 and other relevant process specific specifications.
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