ISO/IEC 21472:2021

Information technology — Scenario evaluation methodology for user interaction influence in biometric system performance

General information
Valid from 06.10.2021
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Standard history
This document addresses: —    requirements for planning, executing and reporting the influence of user interaction on biometric system performance based on scenario test methodologies, considering three kinds of factors: a) factors related to the design, position or condition of the capture device, b) factors depending on users and user attributes, c) factors depending on the interaction of users with the biometric system; —    specifications for the definition, establishment and measurement of conditions needed for evaluation, including those relating to equipment; —    requirements for establishing a reference evaluation condition (REC) and target evaluation condition(s) (TEC) to compare the influence of user interaction factors; —    a specification of the biometric evaluation including requirements for test population, test protocols, data to record, test results; and —    procedures for carrying out the overall evaluation. This document does not: —    determine which parameters ought to be analysed for a specific biometric modality. This is currently covered in ISO/IEC TR 19795-3; —    specify requirements for performing a vulnerability analysis modifying user interaction influence factors; —    include procedures for performing usability testing.
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