ISO/IEC 24779-5:2020

Information technology -- Cross-jurisdictional and societal aspects of implementation of biometric technologies -- Pictograms, icons and symbols for use with biometric systems -- Part 5: Face applications

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Valid from 05.03.2020
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The ISO/IEC 24779 series of standards focuses on communication with the data capture subject. This document contains a set of pictograms, icons and symbols to help the general public understand the concepts and procedures for using electronic systems that collect and/or evaluate facial images. Operators can use this document, with the possibility of using additional symbols and information. This set of pictograms, icons and symbols is designed to be used to: - identify the type of biometric sensor; - provide supporting instructions related to facial image collection. To provide this functionality, the set of pictograms, icons and symbols includes both directional pictograms, icons and symbols and action or feedback pictograms, icons and symbols. The facial image pictograms, icons and symbols include: - facial image capture; - single person; - no hat; - no sunglasses; - neutral expression; - hair up; - view direction. Although the pictograms, icons and symbols are presented individually, the pictograms, icons and symbols are intended to be combined to fully illustrate the facial image capture interaction. For example, in a customs or immigration environment, procedures constructed from the individual pictograms, icons and symbols could be presented as: - a series of posters while passengers are in the queue; - a series of transitional frames in a biometric booth; - an animated video or series of transitional frames while passengers are in the queue; - instructional leaflets for passengers to read in the queue.
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