ISO/IEC 30113-12:2019

Information technology -- User interfaces -- Gesture-based interfaces across devices and methods -- Part 12: Multi-point gestures for common system actions

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Valid from 20.11.2019
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This document defines multi-point gestures for common system actions used in information and communication technology (ICT) systems. It specifies movements and conditions for describing multi-point gestures recognized by the systems and applications. The multi-point gestures are performed using an input device (multi-touchpad, multi-touchscreen, etc.) or body parts (fingertips, hands, etc.). These multi-point gestures are intended to operate in a consistent manner regardless of systems, platforms or applications. The gestures for common system actions denote system-level functions and common functions across applications of ICT systems. The system-level functions are executed at a system or a platform level. They include initiation, resume, restart and termination, etc. The common functions across applications are commonly executed among applications of a system or a platform. The functions include navigation of menus, opening an object, closing an object, etc. NOTE ICT systems include, but are not limited to, digital televisions, set-top boxes, video game consoles, communication devices, internet devices, entertainment devices, and personal computers (PCs).
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