ISO/IEC/IEEE 15026-3:2023

Systems and software engineering — Systems and software assurance — Part 3: System integrity levels

General information
Valid from 30.10.2023
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This document specifies the concept of integrity levels with the corresponding integrity level requirements for achieving the integrity levels. Requirements and recommended methods are provided for defining and using integrity levels and their corresponding integrity level requirements. This document covers systems, software products, and their elements, as well as relevant external dependences.
This document is applicable to systems and software and is intended for use by:
a)       definers of integrity levels such as industry and professional organizations, standards organizations, and government agencies;
b)       users of integrity levels such as developers and maintainers, suppliers and acquirers, system or software users, assessors of systems or software and administrative and technical support staff of systems and/or software products.
One important use of integrity levels is by suppliers and acquirers in agreements, for example, to aid in assuring safety, financial, or security characteristics of a delivered system or product.
This document does not prescribe a specific set of integrity levels or their integrity level requirements. In addition, it does not prescribe the way in which integrity level use is integrated with the overall system or software engineering life cycle processes. It does, however, provide an example of use of this document in Annex A.
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