ISO/IEC TR 15440:2016

Information technology -- Future keyboards and other input devices and entry methods

General information
Valid from 19.01.2016
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ISO/IEC TR 15440:2016 (TR) covers the following: - different input requirements catering for national and international practices and support of cultural and linguistic diversity; - recognition of requirements regarding comfort of use (for any user, including children, elderly and disabled people) and improved user productivity related to inputting data; - enhancements of keyboards and related input devices and methods required for new emerging phenomena such as Internet, multimedia, virtual reality; - virtual input requirements; - labelling issues (soft [LCD] and hard, permanent and temporary labels), function symbols and icons. ISO/IEC TR 15440:2016 does not cover implications of biometric input (fingerprint-based, iris-pattern-based, face-shape-based, etc.) devices for access and security. ISO/IEC TR 15440:2016 is aimed at both the users and manufacturers and intends to present the user requirements regarding keyboards and associated devices and methods, at the time of publication of this technical report.
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131.11 € incl tax
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