ISO/TR 21730:2007

Health informatics -- Use of mobile wireless communication and computing technology in healthcare facilities -- Recommendations for electromagnetic compatibility (management of unintentional electromagnetic interference) with medical devices

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Valid from 09.02.2007
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ISO/TR 21730:2007 provides guidance for the deployment, use and management of mobile wireless communication and computing equipment in healthcare facilities in a way that promotes effective electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) among the wireless technology and active medical devices through mitigation of potential hazards due to electromagnetic interference (EMI). The recommendations given recognize the different resources, needs, concerns and environments of healthcare organizations around the world, and provide detailed management guidelines for healthcare organizations that desire full deployment of mobile wireless communication and computing technology throughout their facilities. In addition, suggestions are included for selective restrictions in cases where healthcare organizations have decided that comprehensive management procedures are not feasible, practical or desirable at the present time. The recommendations herein distinguish between wireless technology controlled by the facility and used by doctors and staff for healthcare-specific communication and health informatics transport versus non-controlled (personal) mobile wireless equipment randomly brought into the facility by visitors, patients or the healthcare organization workforce.
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