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ISO/TS 30437:2023

Human resource management — Learning and development metrics

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Valid from 21.06.2023
Directives or regulations

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This document provides recommendations on how to measure learning. Since the selection of metrics depends on the reason to measure and the user of the metrics, and since a balanced set of metrics is important to avoid unintended consequences, the document begins with a framework for organizational learning and development (L&D), including five categories of users, four broad reasons to measure and three types of metrics. This framework is then used to recommend 50 metrics organized by user, type of metric and size of organization, and provide a description of each. The document concludes with guidance on reporting metrics, including a description of the different types of reports and guidance on their selection based on the user’s reasons for measuring.
Metrics for both formal and informal learning are included. The guidance is intended for all types of organizations, including commercial and nonprofit, as well as for all sizes. No previous knowledge of L&D metrics is required, although those new to L&D measurement can consult the suggested references on matters of frameworks, metrics and programme evaluation to learn more.

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226.82 € incl tax
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