ISO/TS 8000-65:2020

Data quality -- Part 65: Data quality management: Process measurement questionnaire

General information
Valid from 25.06.2020
Directives or regulations
Standard history
This document specifies a questionnaire to audit the performance of the processes specified by the process reference model in ISO 8000-61. NOTE 1 This questionnaire is applicable to all types of business process, technology, information system, data and data processing. This questionnaire can be used as part of a continuous improvement process. The following are within the scope of this document: - guiding principles for generating questions from the process outcomes specified by ISO 8000-61; - one or more questions for each outcome of every process in ISO 8000-61; - a measurement method based on a simple indicator and measurement scale for each question; - guidance on how to present the results generated by the questionnaire. NOTE 2 The questions and corresponding indicators in this document conform to the requirements of ISO 8000-63. The following is outside the scope of this document: - defining how the questions relate to models of organizational process maturity. NOTE 3 Such models define an overall scale by which to understand the degree to which an organization is performing effectively and efficiently. EXAMPLE ISO 8000-62 and ISO 8000-64 [1]specify how to use maturity models with ISO 8000-61. [1] Under preparation.
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