prEN 14175-8

Fume cupboards - Part 8: Fume cupboards for work with radioactive materials

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DIN 25466; prEN 14175-8
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This document specifies fume cupboards for work with unsealed radioactive materials with specific requirements regarding radiation protection and it does not apply to glove boxes or hot cells not even to α emitting radioisotopes. The purpose of this document is to set out rules for the design and testing of fume cupboards for work with unsealed radioactive materials, in order to provide guidelines for the planner, installer, operator, assessor and the authorities. NOTE If, when handling unsealed radioactive substances, radiopharmaceuticals are produced for use on humans, the fume cupboards covered by this document are not sufficient. Before using radioactive materials, a safety assessment needs to be performed. To find the maximum activity allowed for every activity with radioactive material it is necessary to take into account the three principles of radiological protection, namely justification, optimization, and the application of dose limits, clarifying how they apply to radiation sources delivering exposure and to individuals receiving exposure. Shield and abatement system required are also evaluated.
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