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Bonding sealants - Part 1: Bonded glazing sealants

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prEN 15434-1
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This document covers the requirements for and testing of sealants for use in one or more of the following applications: a) Manufacturing of insulating glass units where direct ultraviolet resistance and mechanical resistance (Bonding use) of the insulating glass edge seal are required. b) Manufacturing of factory-made bonded sealant glazing elements when referred to by the relevant European Standards and/or European Technical Approval Guidelines. c) Assembling of glass products into or onto supports, where also direct ultraviolet resistance and/or mechanical resistance (bonding use) of the seal are required, under controlled environmental conditions as described in EN 13022-2:2014, Clause 5. NOTE 1 The required level of resistance to ultraviolet exposure will be dependent upon the chemistry of sealant. Reduced UV exposure testing is acceptable for proven silicone technologies. Extended UV exposure will be required for different technologies. This document covers the evaluation of conformity and the factory production control with respect to the production of sealants in conformity with this document. This document describes the role of sealants that are in conformity with this document, with respect to sealing and bonding. This document does not apply to sealants for the manufacture of insulating glass units where the seal is fully protected, i.e. by a frame, from ultraviolet radiation. NOTE 2 Sealants for this application comply with EN 1279-4. This document contains other aspects of importance for trade.
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