prEN 16510-2-6

Residential solid fuel burning appliances - Part 2-6: Mechanically by wood pellets fed roomheaters, inset appliances and cookers

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prEN 16510-2-6
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This document is applicable to space heaters, inset appliances and cookers fired by wood pellets, mechanically fed up to 50 kW nominal heat output. These appliances typically use auxiliary energy which is measured in this document as well. For inset pellet appliances and especially their testing, additional information from prEN 16510-2-2:2021 is relevant. For pellet cookers and especially their testing, additional information from prEN 16510-2-3:2021 is relevant. Non-mechanically fed appliances burning solid mineral fuels, peat briquettes and natural or manufactured wood logs are not included in this document, but are covered by prEN 16510-2-1:2021 to prEN 16510-2-5:2021. NOTE 1 These appliances could have an integral fuel hopper or be combined with an external fuel hopper. This document is used in conjunction with prEN 16510-1:2021. The appliances covered by this document provide heat into the space where they are installed. They can be operated with either natural draught or fan-assisted combustion air. Where fitted with a boiler, they can also provide domestic hot water and/or central heating. These appliances burn wood pellets only, in accordance with the appliance manufacturer's instructions. They only operate with the firedoors closed. NOTE 2 A fan-assisted appliance does still operate under negative pressure in the flue gas system. This document specifies requirements relating to the design, manufacture, construction, safety and performance (efficiency and emissions), instructions and marking together with associated test methods and test fuels. This document is not applicable to appliances: - with boiler intended for water systems having water temperatures above 110°C and 3 bar; - with boiler intended for water systems having direct contact with sanitary hot water; - intended to be used with a pure horizontal exhaust (through the building wall); - with flue gas condensation in the appliance; - switching on / off for part load operation.
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