prEN 16589-1

Laboratory local exhaust devices - Part 1: Articulated extraction arm

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prEN 16589-1
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This document applies to an articulated extraction arm used as a local exhaust device in laboratories and comprised of a capture device (receiving, enclosing or capture hood, nozzle or flat screen) connected to an extraction arm which is articulated ducting to move air from the capture device to discharge. This standard specifies: - a method for type testing; - a method to assess the three-dimensional capture zone of local exhaust devices mounted on an articulated extract arm; - a method for assessing the emission release capture efficiency of local exhaust devices connected to an articulated extract arm and its robustness to a challenge of air disturbance directly in front of and in close proximity to the capture hood and release source; - a method for establishing the reachable, three-dimensional workspace of local exhaust devices mounted on an articulated extract arm by measuring the possible positions of the opening of the device; - a method for measuring the pressure drop and noise level in the type test; - instructions for marking the device and recommended content of information for use; - guidance for use describing the limitations of local exhaust devices with articulated extract arm for different airflow rates establishing the capture zone; - guidance on selection, installation, commissioning, and control testing of articulated extract arms and their local exhaust ventilation systems. The scope does not include filtration requirements and impact of fully or partly recirculation of the airflow extracted by an articulated extract arm.
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