prEN 17017-1

Electronic Public Procurement - Fulfilment - Part 1: Choreographies

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prEN 17017-1
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This choreography describes the exchange of information in the Fulfilment phase between seller and buyer where the seller wants to announce delivery of the ordered goods or services. The purpose of the fulfilment it is to monitor the executions of the contract. This process is the process between the ordering process and the billing process. The billing process can start when fulfilment has been initiated.
The business value for this is
• To prepare the buyers organisation for the physical delivery.
• To enabling an automatic check of delivery for the buying organisation before paying the received invoice.
• To match the ordered products with the physical deliveries, such as serial numbers, lot identifiers and other information that may not be present at the time the goods were ordered.
• The assist in getting an accurate calculation of the environmental footprint of the goods by including the emission during the transport.
• To feed data into the logistic process, so no retyping is needed during the transport of the goods.

Transactions used in the specified choreographies are out of scope. These transactions are specified in the related transaction specification on “Fulfilment Transactions”.
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7.93 € incl tax
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