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prEN 17184

Intelligent transport systems — eSafety — eCall High level application protocols (HLAP) using IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) over packet switched networks

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prEN 17184
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prEN 17184
In respect of pan European eCall (operating requirements defined in EN 16072), this document defines
the high level application protocols, procedures and processes required to provide the eCall service via
a packet switched wireless communications network using IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) and
wireless access (such as LTE, NR and their successors).
This document assumes support of eCall using IMS over packet switched networks by an IVS and a
PSAP and further assumes that all PLMNs available to an IVS at the time an eCall or test eCall is
initiated are packet switched networks. Support of eCall where eCall using IMS over packet switched
networks is not supported by an IVS or PSAP is out of scope of this document.
At some moment in time packet switched networks will be the only Public Land Mobile Networks
(PLMN) available. However as long as GSM/UMTS PLMNs are available (Teleservice 12/TS12)
ETSI TS 122 003 will remain operational. Both the use of such PLMNs and the logic behind choosing the
appropriate network in a hybrid situation (where both packet-switched and circuit-switched networks
are available) are out of scope of this document.
NOTE 1 The objective of implementing the pan-European in-vehicle emergency call system (eCall) is to
automate the notification of a traffic accident, wherever in Europe, with the same technical standards and the same quality of services objectives by using a PLMN (such as ETSI prime medium) which supports the European harmonized 112/E112 emergency number (TS12 ETSI TS 122 003 or IMS packet switched network) and to provide a means of manually triggering the notification of an emergency incident.
NOTE 2 HLAP requirements for third party services supporting eCall can be found in EN 16102.
This document makes reference to those provisions but does not duplicate them.

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