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prEN 17625
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This document specifies the terms and definitions, the test conditions and the test methods of air-sourced and water-cooled roof-top units, driven by electric compressor(s), which may be equipped with a supplementary heater using electrical resistance or combustion of fossil fuel. This document covers roof-top units with 2, 3 or 4 dampers, including several features as the free-cooling, mixing air flows (on both sides) and heat recovery. This document deals with roof-top units providing space heating and/or cooling for comfort application. Process applications are not covered by this document. This document provides the part load conditions and the calculation methods taking into account roof-top units features for the determination of seasonal energy efficiency SEER and SEERon, seasonal space cooling energy efficiency ηs,c, seasonal coefficient of performance SCOP, SCOPon and SCOPnet, seasonal space heating energy efficiency ηs,h and the overall annual efficiency. Such calculation methods may be based on calculated or measured values. In case of measured values, this document covers the test methods for determination of capacities, EER and COP values during active mode at part load conditions. It also covers test methods for the determination of power input during thermostat-off mode, standby mode, off-mode and crankcase heater mode. A roof-top unit that is not using at least the thermodynamic cycle for space heating is considered as a cooling only unit. Roof-top units equipped with additional air heating and/or cooling heat exchangers will be rated without operation of these heat exchangers.
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