prEN 17657

Equipments for slaughterhouses - Slaughtering traps for bovine animals - Safety and hygiene requirements

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prEN 17657
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This document specifies the safety and hygiene requirements applicable to slaughtering traps intended for bovine animals and equidae such as defined in Clause 3. These requirements take into account hazards that may arise from the transport, mounting, adjustment, maintenance and use of these slaughtering traps. NOTE This document takes into account the protection of animals at the time of killing. The machinery or installations covered by this document are intended to facilitate the slaughter of bovine animals or equidae that weigh between 100 kg and 1 200 kg. They are either rotating slaughtering traps or fixed slaughtering traps. This document does not cover the following machinery and zones: - "restrainers": systems for holding and conveying via conveyor belts; - slaughtering traps with a side door that opens under the weight of the animal alone; - slaughtering traps where the only source of energy is manual effort. This document does not cover the following essential requirements of Machinery Directive: - safety and reliability of control systems; - control devices; - failure of the power supply; - isolation of energy source. The list of significant hazards is given in the informative Annex C.
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