prEN 303 883-2 V2.1.0

Short Range Devices (SRD) and Ultra Wide Band (UWB); Part 2: Measurement techniques for receiver requirements

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Draft ETSI EN 303 883-2 V2.1.0
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Standard history

The present document provides measurement procedures for receiver requirements to address the spectrum efficiency requirements set out in article 3.2 of the RED.
The baseline receiver concept is a set of two parameters given in clause 5 of the present document providing guidance for HS development, which can be further refined by the responsible TB.
Baseline receiver concept comprises the following parameters:
• Receiver Baseline Sensitivity (RBS); and
• Receiver Baseline Resilience (RBR).
The Baseline receiver concept is a further development of the signal interferer handling concept, see ETSI TS 103 361.
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