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Safety rules for the construction and installation of lifts - Lifts for the transport of goods only - Part 30: Electric and hydraulic service lifts

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prEN 81-30
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1.1 This document specifies the safety rules for the construction and installation of permanently installed new service lifts, with traction, positive, or hydraulic drive, serving defined landing levels, having a carrier the interior of which is regarded as inaccessible to persons on account of its dimensions and means of construction, suspended by ropes or chains or jack and moving between rigid guide rails inclined not more than 15° to the vertical. This document covers service lifts with rated load not exceeding 300 kg and not intended to transport persons. 1.2 In addition to the requirements of this document, supplementary requirements have to be considered in special cases (potentially explosive atmosphere, extreme climate conditions, seismic conditions, transporting dangerous goods, etc.). 1.3 This document does not cover: a) service lifts with drives other than those stated in 1.1; b) services lifts having carrier with dimensions that exceed: 1) for floor area, 1,0 m2; 2) for depth, 1,0 m; 3) for height, 1,20 m. The height is not limited if the carrier comprises several permanent compartments, each of which satisfies the above dimensions. NOTE Lifting equipment intended exclusively for the transportation of goods but having a carrier with dimensions exceeding any one of the figures above is not entered in the category 'service lifts'; c) important modifications (see Annex C) to a service lift installed before this document is brought into application; d) lifting appliances, such as paternosters, mines lifts, theatrical lifts, appliances with automatic caging, skips and hoists for building and public works sites, ships hoists, platforms for exploration or drilling at sea, construction and maintenance appliances; e) safety during operations of transport, erection, repairs and dismantling of service lifts; f) use of glass for the walls of the well, for the carrier and for the landing doors including the vision panels; g) hydraulic service lifts where the setting of the pressure relief valve exceeds 50 MPa; h) any form of radiation except EMC (see However, this document can usefully be taken as a basis. Noise and vibrations are not dealt with in this document as they are not considered a significant nor relevant hazard for the actual type of the service lift. Fire propagation is not dealt with in this document. 1.4 The well is regarded as accessible to maintenance personnel if the opening giving access have dimensions of at least 0,40 m x 0,50 m, and: a) the horizontal depth of the well is greater than 1 m, or b) the area of the well is greater than 1 m2, or c) the maintenance is intended to be carried out from the carrier roof or pit regardless the well dimensions. 1.5 The machinery space is regarded as accessible to maintenance personnel if: a) the openings giving access have dimensions of at least 0,60 m x 0,60 m, and b) the height of the moving area is at least 1,80 m. 1.6 This document covers the safety requirements for service lifts with rated speeds up to 1 m/s. 1.7 This document is not applicable to service lifts which are installed before the date of its publication as EN.
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