prEN IEC 60068-3-6:2023

Environmental testing - Part 3-6: Supporting documentation and guidance - Confirmation of the performance of temperature/ humidity chambers

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104/1022/CDV; prEN IEC 60068-3-6:2023
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This part of IEC 60068 provides a standardized method of establishing whether temperature as well as temperature and humidity chambers, without specimens, are able to achieve the requirements of the relevant climatic test procedures of IEC 60068-2.
This document is intended for users when conducting regular chamber performance monitoring.
Guidance on establishing variations and uncertainties of the climatic conditions within environmental test chambers are provided in IEC 60068-3-11. The guidance of that document is intended to be used with an empty climatic test chamber, a chamber containing a test load, or a chamber contain a test specimen undergoing testing. The guidance is particularly applicable when the specimen or test load is large in comparison to the chamber working space, is heat-dissipating or influences the airflow within the chamber.
When considering temperature only chambers, the passages in this document related to humidity do not need to be applied.
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