prEN IEC 60966-3-4:2021

Radio frequency and coaxial cable assemblies - Part 3-4: Detail specification for semi-flexible cable assemblies (jumper), Frequency range up to 6GHz, Type 50-141 semi-flexible coaxial cable

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IEC 60966-3-4 ED1; prEN IEC 60966-3-4:2021
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This part of IEC 60966 is a detail specification that relates to semi-flexible cable assemblies composed of type 50-141 semi-flexible coaxial cables with polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) dielectric (IEC 61196-8-4) and connectors such as type 7-16 (IEC 61169-4), type 4,1-9,5 (IEC 61169-11), type S7-16 (IEC 61169-53) ,type 4,3-10 (IEC 61169-54). It gives subfamily detail requirements and severities which shall be applied. These cable assemblies are mainly used in the field of mobile communication base station antenna system, terrestrial microwave communication and radar systems. The operating frequency is up to 6000 MHz. The qualification will be conducted in accordance with IEC 60966-3. Once one variant obtain qualification approval, the other variant with same cable and connection type can obtain qualification approval by conducting tests whose results might depend on the variants. Under capability approval, the qualification will be conducted on the relating CQCs (capability qualifying components) as defined in IEC 60966-3 and described in the CM(capability manual). Unless otherwise specified in the CM, only lot-by-lot tests from groups Ba and Eb will be conducted on delivered products, all other tests will be performed on CQCs as defined in IEC 60966-3 and described in the CM.
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