prEN IEC 61169-21:2021

Radio-frequency connectors - Part 21: Sectional specification for RF connectors with inner diameter of outer conductor 9,5 mm (0,374 in) with screw coupling-Characteristic impedance 50 ohms (Type SC)

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Base Documents
IEC 61169-21:202X; prEN IEC 61169-21:2021
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This part of IEC 61169, which is a sectional specification (SS), provides information and rules for preparation of detail specification for type SC threaded RF coaxial connectors with 50 Ω characteristic impedance. The connectors are used with flexible and semi-rigid cables. And they are recommended to be utilized in medium power and low reflection applications up to 11 GHz. The dielectric filled interface is especially beneficial in applications involving severe environmental exposure. It prescribes mating face dimensions, dimensional details, gauging information for general connectors - grade 2 and standard test connectors - grade 0 as well as test schedules and inspection requirements selected from IEC 61169-1, applicable to all detail specifications relating to type SC RF connectors. Type SC interface specified in this specification is equivalent to type SC-B interface in IEC 60169-21:1985. This specification indicates recommended performance characteristics to be considered when writing a detail specification and it covers test schedules and inspection requirements for assessment levels M and H. NOTE: For this part, original dimensions are in inches. All undimensioned pictorial configurations are for reference purpose only.
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