prEN IEC 61300-3-35:2021

Fibre optic interconnecting devices and passive components - Basic test and measurement procedures - Part 3-35: Examinations and measurements - Visual inspection of fibre optic connectors and fibre-stub transceivers

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IEC 61300-3-35 ED3; prEN IEC 61300-3-35:2021
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This part of the IEC 61300 series is concerned with the observation and classification of debris (removeable particles on the surface of a fibre/ferrule), scratches and defects (non-removeable features on the surface of a fibre/ferrule). The inspection requirements are based on IEC TR 62627-05. Advice for cleaning of contamination from fibres/ferrule is found in IEC TR 62627-01 and a recommendation is given in Annex E. Visual inspection is in addition to, and does not replace measurement of performance parameters such as attenuation and return loss, or end face parameters. The dimensions specified are chosen such that they can be easily estimated. Not only the zones A and B on the fibre are to be inspected for defects and scratches but the whole contact area (where the two fibres/ ferrules meet when mated) needs to be inspected for contamination (This is up to 250 µm diameter for cylindrical ferrules and the whole ferrule surface for rectangular ferrules). The objectives of this standard are to: – specify the minimum criteria a microscope is to meet to be compliant to this standard; – specify the procedure and criteria for inspecting fibre-optic end faces for cleanliness to determine if the end faces are fit for use. All connector optical interfaces (IEC 61755 series and IEC 63267 series) are based on physical contact between fibre cores; – provide quantitative criteria for the analysis of end face images.
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