prEN IEC 61400-50:2021

Wind energy generation systems - Part 50: Wind measurements

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IEC 61400-50 ED1; prEN IEC 61400-50:2021
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The IEC 61400 series of standards addresses wind energy generation technical requirements up to the point of interconnection with the utility grid system. Part 50 of the IEC 61400 series of standards comprises a sub-set of standards which specify the requirements for equipment and methods to be used in the measurement of the wind. Wind measurements are required as inputs to various tests and analyses described in other use-case standards in the IEC 61400 series (e.g. power performance, resource assessment, noise measurement). Whereas those other standards define use-cases for wind measurements, Part 50 sets those wind measurement requirements which are independent of the use-case. Its purpose is to ensure that wind measurements and the evaluation of uncertainties in those measurements are carried out consistently across the wind industry and that wind measurements are carried out such that the uncertainties can be quantified and that those uncertainties are within an acceptable range. Part 50-0 provides a general introduction to the options that are available for wind measurement which are further detailed in the other parts of the -50 series.
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