prEN IEC 61400-50-3:2020

Wind energy generation systems - Part 50-3: Use of nacelle mounted lidars for wind measurements

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IEC 61400-50-3:202X; prEN IEC 61400-50-3:2020
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The purpose of Part 50-3 of IEC 61400 is to describe procedures and methods that ensure that wind measurements using nacelle-mounted wind lidars are carried out and reported consistently and according to best practice. This standard does not prescribe the purpose or use case of the wind measurements. However, as this standard forms part of the IEC 61400 series of standards, it is anticipated that the wind measurements will be used in relation to some form of wind energy testing or resource assessment. The scope of this standard is limited to forward-looking nacelle-mounted wind lidars (i.e. the measurement volume is located upstream of the turbine rotor). This standard aims to be applicable to any type and make of nacelle-mounted wind lidar. The method and requirements provided in this standard are independent of the model and type and of the measurement principle and should allow application to new types of nacelle mounted lidars. This version of Part 50-3 aims to describe wind measurements using nacelle-mounted wind lidar with sufficient quality for the use case of power performance testing (according to IEC 61400-12-1:2017). Readers of this standard should consider that other use cases may have other specific requirements. This version of Part 50-3 only provides guidance for measurements in flat terrain and offshore as defined in IEC 61400-12-1:2017 Annex B. Application to complex terrain has been excluded from the scope due to limited experience at the time of writing this document. The purpose of this standard is to provide guidance for wind measurements. HSE requirements are out of the scope although they are important for laser operation.
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