prEN IEC 61850-7-420:2020

Communication networks and systems for power utility automation - Part 7-420: Basic communication structure - Distributed energy resources and distribution automation logical nodes

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IEC 61850-7-420:201X; prEN IEC 61850-7-420:2020
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This International Standard defines the IEC 61850 information models to be used in the exchange of information with distributed energy resources (DER) and Distribution Automation (DA) systems. DERs include distribution-connected generation systems, energy storage systems, and controllable loads, as well as facility DER management systems, including aggregated DER, such as plant control systems, facility DER energy management systems (EMS), building EMS, campus EMS, community EMS, microgrid EMS, etc. DA equipment includes equipment used to manage distribution circuits, including automated switches, fault indicators, capacitor banks, voltage regulators, and other power management devices. The IEC 61850 DER information model standard utilizes existing IEC 61850-7-4 logical nodes where possible, while defining DER and DA specific logical nodes to provide the necessary data objects for DER and DA functions, including for the DER interconnection grid codes specified by various countries and regions. Although this document explicitly addresses distribution-connected resources, most of the resource capabilities, operational functions, and architectures are also applicable to transmission-connected resources.
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