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prEN IEC 62282-3-201:2023

Fuel cell technologies - Part 3-201: Stationary fuel cell power systems - Performance test methods for small fuel cell power systems

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prEN IEC 62282-3-201:2023; IEC 62282-3-201 ED3 (105/1012/CDV)
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prEN IEC 62282-3-201:2023
This part of IEC 62282 provides test methods for the electrical, thermal, and environmental performance of small stationary fuel cell power systems that meet the following criteria:
• output: rated electric power output of less than 10 kW;
• output mode: grid-connected/independent operation or stand-alone operation with single-phase AC output or 3-phase AC output not exceeding 1 000 V, or DC output not exceeding 1 500 V;
NOTE The limit of 1 000 V for alternating current comes from the definition for "low voltage" given in IEC 60050-601:1985, 601-01-26.
• operating pressure: maximum allowable working pressure of less than 0,1 MPa (gauge) for the fuel and oxidant passages;
• fuel: gaseous fuel (natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, propane, butane, hydrogen, etc.) or liquid fuel (kerosene, methanol, etc.);
• oxidant: air.
This document describes type tests and their test methods only. No routine tests are required or identified, and no performance targets are set in this document.
This document provides test methods to be carried out under laboratory conditions.
This document covers fuel cell power systems whose primary purpose is the production of electric power and whose secondary purpose may be the utilization of heat. Accordingly, fuel cell power systems for which the use of heat is primary and the use of electric power is secondary are outside the scope of this document.
All systems with integrated batteries are covered by this document. This includes systems where batteries are recharged internally or recharged from an external source.
This document does not cover additional auxiliary heat generators that produce thermal energy.
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