prEN IEC 62282-4-600:2021

Fuel cell technologies - Part 4-600: Fuel cell power systems for propulsion other than road vehicles and auxiliary power units (APU) - Fuel cell/battery hybrid systems performance test methods for excavators

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IEC 62282-4-600 ED1; prEN IEC 62282-4-600:2021
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This document covers the requirements for the performance test methods of fuel cell/battery hybrid systems intended to be used for electrically powered applications for excavators. For this purpose, this document covers electrical performance and vibration test for the fuel cell/battery hybrid system. This document also covers performance test methods which focus on vibration [and other] characteristics for BOP installed in heavy-duty applications with fuel cell/battery hybrid system. This document applies to both gaseous hydrogen-fuelled fuel cell power, liquid hydrogen-fuelled fuel cell power, direct methanol fuel cell power and battery hybrid power pack systems. The following fuels are considered within the scope of this standard: – gaseous hydrogen, and – methanol. This document does not apply to reformer-equipped fuel cell power systems. This standard could be used for either propulsion or for APU purposes. In case of APU, the same hybrid power pack be used on board or as a stationary APU, In the latter can we also apply this standard. Block diagram of fuel cell/battery hybrid system is shown in Figure 1. This document covers configuration, the mode of hybridization, operation mode for fuel cell and battery in power pack system
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